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At the age of 38, this actress has had a relationship with 700 men!


At the age of 38, this actress has had a relationship with 700 menWell, you must have heard about the relationship of two people, today we will tell you about a reality TV actress who has had 700 relationships? The actress herself has revealed everything, let’s know more about this reality TV star below.

A reality TV star revealed that she is addicted to sex. She admitted to having sex with over 700 men.

According to the TV star, his sex addiction is also not something for which he is ashamed.
Belinda “Love” Raigier is the name of this reality TV star. Best known for her role in the Australian TV show The Bachelor in 2017, she is best known for her role in the show. She talked about a period in her life when she used to look for a romantic partner six days a week.

I’m a Grub Mate on the Radio! After everything went well, 38-year-old Belinda found out about her problems. Relationships were my biggest problem. There were bad people around me.

Belinda overcame her addiction 8 years ago. After this she became a relationship guru from TV star. He said- After recovery, I realized that due to some old untouched wounds, sex addiction had come in me.

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The TV star said that he does not even remember how many men he has had relationships with. Belinda finally said that the number would be ‘more than 700’. But the TV star said that he is not ashamed of this figure of sexual partners.

She continued, “The men used to tell me what I wanted to hear.” They were very good at telling me what I wanted to hear. Love and beautiful feeling were more important than sex.
In the end, the TV star admitted that society was falling apart. Sex has been misused for the purpose of momentary pleasure, which is not the correct use of the word. she says. – Now I will spend special moments with him with whom I will feel any connection.



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