The Complete Guide to FGen Laptop Ring Light, LED Video Conference Light, 3 Colour Modes, 10 Brightness Levels


FGen Laptop Ring Light is a perfect LED video conference light for your laptop. It has 3 colour modes and 10 brightness levels to meet different needs.

It is built with high-quality LED lights and it provides a comfortable environment for your eyes. The ring light can be rotated to any angle, it is flexible and adjustable to meet different needs. The ring light has a USB cable that can be plugged into a laptop or desktop computer with USB port.

The FGen Laptop Ring Light offers a perfect solution to the problem of how to use your laptop in low-light conditions without straining your eyesight or disturbing others around you.

Introduction: What is a FGen Ring Light and Why Should You Use It?

A FGen Ring Light is a circular, LED lamp that you can place around your laptop screen. It provides a bright and evenly lit environment for those who work in dark or low-light conditions.

Ring lights are becoming increasingly popular as they provide an excellent solution for those who work in dark or low-light conditions.

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About this item

  • Dimmable 10 cm (4 inches) ring light: FGen ring light features 3 light modes (cold, warm, neutral), 3200K-6800K and 10 brightness levels. 48 LED beads and a curved lamp cover provide sufficient soft light to better protect the eyes. The ring light is suitable for video calls, zoom phone conferences, remote work, live streams, photography, makeup, YouTube, vlogging, TikTok and home learning etc.

  • 2 m cable with USB: The cable of the Finn ring light has a copper core that has low heat generation, good ductility, stable performance and longer service life. The USB interface can be use to connect mobile phone chargers, mobile power supplies, computers, laptops and other devices, which makes the ring light suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

  • Ring light clip: The ring light clip has a silic one pad to protect the computer screen from scratches. The clip can be open up to 4 cm wide and can also be place as a reading light on the headboard of the bed or attach on the side of the table. The FGen ring light comes with a tripod and mobile phone holder. 360° universal rotation allows it to be adjust to different operating angles.

  • – The 10 cm (4 inches) FGen laptop ring light takes up less space and is easy to carry. – Please note: The mobile phone holder is suitable for mobile phones with a maximum width of 5 cm.

Screen protector

The ring light clip has an internal silicone pad to avoid direct contact between the clip and the computer screen, reducing the wear of the clip on the screen.

Easy to carry

The video conference light has a diameter of 4 inches and fits directly into the bag for easy transport on the go.

Even light

The ring light strip tripod has 48 light balls and a curved surface for a more even continuous light.

What’s Include in the Box and What Makes it Stand Out?

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How to Achieve an Optimal Surface Area of Illumination

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Conclusion and Recommendations

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The best laptop light bulb replacement is a great way to improve your office lighting and make it more productive.

We recommend you to use light bulbs that are energy efficient and have a good color temperature. You should invest in dimmable lights that you can control the brightness of the room.

Conclusion: The best laptop light bulb replacement is a great way to improve your office.