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Eat Bathua’s Raita in winter

Bathua Raita Recipe

White Goosefoot Benefits: The winter season has started, in this season it is very important to keep you warm. The problem of cold, cough and cold persists in the winter season. Generally people like to eat raita in summer season. But some people eat raita in winters.

Bathua is a green leafy vegetable, which is useful for health. It gives warmth to the body, iron, vitamin A and minerals are found in abundance in Bathua. Bathua’s raita is a special raita eaten in winters. Raita should be eaten along with food, it enhances the taste of food as well as helps in digestion of food.

Whatever happens to Raita, it cools the stomach and cures our digestion system. Curd has a cooling effect. That’s why some people refrain from eating it in winter. But if you eat it together with Bathua then it will be very beneficial for your body. Bathua is rich in iron, vitamin A and minerals.

Bathua Raita Recipe

Bathua vegetable, which you often like to eat by mixing it in paratha or puri, its greens are very beneficial for health. Bathua is rich in iron, vitamin A and minerals. Many people eat it mixed with raita, so that the body remains warm during the winter season.

Ingredients to make Bathua Raita

200 grams bathua, 1 chopped green chili, 400 grams whipped curd, 1 pinch asafoetida, 3-4 cloves of garlic, 2 teaspoon mustard oil, half teaspoon cumin, half teaspoon fenugreek, quarter teaspoon black salt, as per taste white salt.

How to make Bathua Raita-

  • First of all wash the Bathua thoroughly with water.
  • Boil Bathua in hot water for 10 to 15 minutes and then turn off the gas.
  • Take out the bathua from the water and grind it when it cools down.
  • Add black salt, white salt and green chillies to it and grind again.
  • Add ground bathua, salt, black salt and green chillies to the whipped curd and mix.
  • To temper the raita, add cumin, fenugreek, chopped garlic and asafoetida and cook till it turns brown.
  • Mix the hot tempering in the raita and then serve it by keeping it in a bowl.

Make sure to add the wonderful taste of Raita to your food. You can serve it with roti, rice, naan or paratha.


Asafoetida cumin can be roasted without oil on a pan and you can grind it and add it to Raita. Adding asafoetida in this way will make raita even tastier than cumin.

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