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how to earn money that will make you rich overnight?

It takes time to achieve anything, there are never shortcuts in life. If I say that how can you earn money to become rich overnight then it will be wrong.

But I will not be wrong if I say that you can earn a lot of money overnight. Each wealthy has its own formulas and strategies to achieve the goals.

Have you ever read the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, it’s awesome to read?

but we are not gonna talk about a book, but I’ll tell you how to min the risk and earn max money.

Before going further please Pendown it just a cases study to earn money and high risk, if you go through it please we don’t suggest it just go with own risk.

There are 3 ways to earn overnight legal money, yes you have just heard right “Legal money”. 

Today I will talk about only one technique, and explain it well so that your risk part is reduced up to 90%.

With our Case study, we have finally overcome one technique that gives high returns with high risk.

Do the question of reducing risk and increasing profit margin arise?

Yes, Definitely we will discuss the technique and the procedure of reducing risk. Before going further please make sure you are a High-risk taker and a good analysis person.

Today The technique we will discuss cryptocurrency. yes, you heard right cryptocurrency. before going further always believe that a good analysis always leads you to the right path.

In General, Most of the person doesn’t Believe in cryptocurrency and think its just scam, maybe 50% are right but 50% are also wrong.

Let’s understand Completely about cryptocurrency and its myth and Learn how to analyse the crypto coins and Generate passive income.

What is Cryptocurrency?

In simple words, Cryptocurrency is Digital Money based on a digital cash system. further, you can search online.

which is Oldest Crypto Coin?

As a history, Bitcoin is the oldest crypto coin infect introducing crypto coin.

How to Analysis a Crypto coin before investing?

Before investing in any crypto coin you should always analysis about the coin. Most of the investors Look at graphs before investing or their College invested in the coin so you just go with it, that’s absolutely wrong way to invest money in crypto.
I am not supporting cryptocurrency but if you want to invest in crypto coins you should always look at these points before investing.

  1. Market Value of the Coin. 
  2. Holders %age of the coin. 
  3. Official websites. 
  4. Technology and purpose of the coin in the market. 
  5. White papers.
  6. Dump and pump ration. 
  7. Yearly Graphs Data. 
  8. Listing Place in topmost trading websites. 
  9. Last and least easy Trading options at local Market. 
Important unofficial note: it may be a rumour but unofficial note if anyone wants to launch their own coin he or she has to spend $75k to list up.

How to Check market Value of Coin?

Before going Furter market value of any coin is available at most the website which tells you exactly the volume are circulating in the market, and diluted volume etc.
Always compare the market value with top rank coins like bitcoin, ether etc.
market volume analysis

how to check the Holders %age of the coin? 

Most of the time newly introduced coins don’t hide holders information, but most of the coins hide. the reason behind hiding is to interrupt the exact data so that calculation of dumb and pump can’t be verified easily.
How the holder’s information looks like and why it’s important.
suppose a newly introduced coin having 100 holders where one holder holds 80% of the share, other holders hold 20%. what is the probability of the coin will not dump and pump to gain more? i am not scaring you at all but it’s a fact.
Most of the coin Holder information is hidden.

How to check the website of the newly based coins?

Every coin has their own website, information, about the coin, terminology etc. when you open the official website you will find that how much a coin invested their money website and how its look like. most of the website is based on WordPress platform which is very cheap to create.
Example of pantos coin
pintos coin

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Purpose of Technology uses

Most of the legal coins and upcoming kings coin always explain their purpose of crating newly coin which is deffer from other coins purpose and meaning full.
you should analyse the purpose of the coin before investing in the coin if the purpose is not clear you may lose your money.
always keep these points in mind before checking up any purpose why this coin is deffer from another coin.

  • what is backing up?
  • what is the scoop?
  • The vision of the coin.
  • The project involved in,
  • Brand endorsement

Always look for White papers :

Putting Link of pantos white paper URL so that you can understand what’s white paper and why it’s important.

What are Dump and Pump?

Dump and pump are the strategies used by illegal coins owners to raise more funds from the market.
It used to create huge demands in the market for new coins.
When the market is rising its start selling the ownership of the share of the coin. when the market is dropping then its start buying it again.
Dump and pump are done in huge amounts.
small investors always lose their money. and big fish always remain in profit.

how to check dump and pump strategies?

you can find these strategies through graphs because newly created coins don’t have yearly graphs so they can be easily caught dump and pump strategies.
well showing you the dump and pump graphs that can easily understand.
Dump graph

Dump Graph 

Pumping graph

Pumping Graph

How to Check Listing Rating in different Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms?

it’s very easy to check the newly coin ranking in another platform like coin base, blockchain, Binance etc.
Just log in to these top cryptocurrency platforms and search the coin for the ranking.

how to check for local cryptocurrency exchange options?

Always trust the local cryptocurrency exchange website those listed newly coins if it’s easy to exchange coins with an online transaction or easy to swap with another coin then you can invest easily.
The top trusted crypto exchange trading websites are as follows

  • Coinbase Exchange
  • Huobi Global
  • FTX
  • BlockChain
  • Coinbase
  • WazirX
  • Huobi Korea
  • But global
  • Okcoin

As above information, you can decrease the risk ratio and increase the profit overnight. we don’t recommend investing in cryptocurrency but if you love to take risks and believe in the crypto currency you can take the chances.
do you have any questions or find this information helpful please leave a comment or email us at info@gomystories.com



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