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Kids Special Breakfast Noodles Balls and Milky Bread


Noodles Balls Recipe: In today’s time, children love Chinese food very much. Momos are at the top of this list. However, Chowmein is also included in this list. What if something sweet goes with Chinese? Today we are going to tell you two recipes of children’s favorite. You can make them like market at home.

Tasty Noodles Balls

Ingredients to make: Two packets of noodles, two boiled potatoes mashed, four tablespoons of all purpose flour, two packets of noodles, two green chilies finely chopped, one inch piece of ginger, half a cup of capsicum finely chopped, two-three tablespoons, green coriander finely Chopped, 1/4 tsp black pepper powder, salt (according to taste), refined oil.

How to make Noodles Balls-

  • To make Noodle Balls, first heat a pan and boil two cups of water in it, then when the water comes to a boil, add one and a half packets of noodles to it and let them cook till they become soft.
  • After two minutes, switch off the gas and filter the noodles.
  • Combine the noodles with the mashed potatoes in a bowl.
  • Add capsicum, green chillies, ginger, noodles masala, salt and coriander leaves to this mixture. After this, take flour in a bowl and prepare a thin solution by adding some water to it. Mix some salt and black pepper powder in this solution and keep it in one place.
  • Break the remaining half packet of dry noodles and take them out in a bowl.
  • After this, take the prepared noodles mixture in your hand and give it a round shape and dip it in the maida batter and wrap it in dry pieces of noodles.
  • Similarly prepare all the noodles balls. Now heat refined oil in a pan on medium heat and fry the prepared noodles balls in it till golden brown. When all the noodles balls are fried well, take them out in a plate and serve hot with green chutney.

Milky Bread

Milky Bread Recipe in Hindi : You must have had milk and bread breakfast many times, but have you ever eaten milky bread, children will especially like this milky bread. Kids will especially love this milky bread. Even if your baby is averse to drinking milk, you can still make and feed this dish to them.

material: White or Brown Bread, Sugar, Milk, Dry Fruits, Custard Powder, Butter

How to make Milky Bread

  • You can take any bread brown or white to make this dish.
  • You take a pan.
  • Add two spoons of butter to it.
  • Now put two breads in it and bake them.
  • You have to pour a glass of milk in it.
  • Remember not to move the bread from its place.
  • After baking both the breads, place them one on top of the other. Now let the milk cook. Now take half a teaspoon of custard powder and mix it in half a cup of milk.
  • Put it in the pan.
  • Add half a teaspoon of sugar to it.
  • Cook it well and let it thicken. You have to cook it on low flame only.
  • Put dry fruits on it. Your milky bread is ready. Cardamom powder can also be added.

Feed it to children and eat it yourself.

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