Know the benefits of lemongrass, how to use

benefits of lemongrass


Benefits of lemongrass

Lifestyle. Many people must have heard the name of lemongrass, but only a few people will know about its benefits. Lemongrass is a herb that is rich in medicine. Its smell is like lemon. It is used for health care.

If you also want to reduce cholesterol in your body, then definitely use lemon grass daily. Lemon grass is one such Ayurvedic herb, which is full of medicinal properties. Not only cholesterol, but many other diseases are removed by its regular consumption. Including lemon grass in the skin care routine improves the quality of the skin. Not only this, lemongrass oil is also considered very good for hair. Lemongrass is a plant that looks like a grass. It is full of medicinal properties. Its smell is like lemon. Many people believe that lemongrass is a species derived from lemon. Apart from health, it is used a lot for skin and hair care.

In weight loss and boosting immunity –

If your immunity is weak, then you should include lemongrass water in your diet. This increases your immunity. Lemongrass has properties similar to lemons. In such a situation, it is also very effective in detoxifying the body. You can drink lemongrass water on an empty stomach, it easily detoxifies the body. Lemongrass tea can also be drunk for weight loss.

How to use it

  • If you drink tomato soup in winter, then lemongrass can also be added to it, it increases both the nutritional value and taste of the soup.
  • You can drink lemongrass tea. To make it, while making tea, you can cut lemongrass and put it in it.
  • 7-8 leaves of lemon grass can also be added in cooking, it also enhances the taste of food, but use it only in small quantities.
  • If you like ice tea, you can add lemongrass to it as well.

Lemon grass is used to lower cholesterol. Regular consumption of lemon grass also removes stress and anxiety. Lemon grass tea has many health benefits. Regular consumption of lemongrass helps in reducing inflammation in the body. If someone has problems like vomiting, motion and stomach pain, then he also benefits from the consumption of lemon grass.

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