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Neha Kakkar Falguni Pathak Controversy On Maine Payal Hai Chhankai Is Not Over


Neha Kakkar – Falguni Pathak Fight: The ongoing dispute between two famous singers of Bollywood industry Neha Kakkar and Falguni Pathak is not taking its name to stop. Recently a promo of Indian Idol was revealed, in which Neha and Falguni appeared together on the stage of Indian Idol. After this promo, such speculations are being made that there has been a patchup between these two singers. But on Wednesday, Falguni Pathak has shared such memes on social media, which directly target Neha Kakkar’s O Sajna song.

Falguni rekindles the controversy with Neha
Veteran singer Falguni Pathak has shared many memes in the story on his official Instagram handle. Which points to the fact that Falguni still hasn’t liked the remix o Sajan of her famous song Maine Payal Hai Chhankai sung by Neha Kakkar. Falguni Pathak has shared the meme of the blood-vomiting scene of Suryavansham’s film on her Insta story. Along with this, there are many such memes which indicate that the Neha-Falguni dispute is not over yet. However, in these memes, Falguni Pathak has not written the name of Neha Kakkar. But everyone knows where Falguni is pointing and why she is sharing such memes.


Why is there a dispute between Neha and Falguni?
Singer Neha Kakkar has recently released her latest song O Sajna. This song of Neha is a remix of the evergreen song Maine Payal Hai Chhankai of Falguni Pathak which came in the year 1999. In such a situation, people are not liking the song O Sajna sung by Neha Kakkar at all. Due to which Neha is also being trolled a lot on social media. Apart from this, Falguni Pathak has also strongly criticized Neha Kakkar.

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