Bigg Boss 16 Confirmed Latest contestants name and Omung Kumar on designing the Bigg Boss 16 house

Bigg Boss 16 confirmed contestants: Pearl V Puri to Tina Dutta; Entering omung Kumar new circus theme in BB16



Big Boss 16 Confirmed Contestants Name: These Contestant officially entered the house.

Bigg Boss is back with Grand Premier with Salman Khan and Big Boss contestants today. Before we tell you about the filmmaker and set Desinner Omung Kumar with the great success of Bigg Boss 16 with your wife Idea Circus theme. Omung spoke to the media about Bigg Boss 16 House and what went to create a fantasy world. The contestant entering the House is officially declared.

Bigg Boss 16 premiere fans are going to be a big boom, as they are already waiting for the show to stay on TV and mobile. Contestatns sharing bigboss stage mainly name as

Bigg Boss 16: Pearl V Puri

Bigg Boss 16: Pearl V Puri

Pearl V Puri, who gained fame with the serpent, as entered into the house, the actor was arrested about a year ago, when he was accused of molesting a minor. However, he claimed all the allegations against him. And many personality comes from Ekta Kapoor to Anita Hasanandani in support of her.

Bigg Boss 16: MC Stan

Bigg Boss 16: MC Stan

The MC Stan reaches the stage and this time he comes with the color of his real hair and the black that is black no longer has his blonde. The person who gained fame with his music at a very young age, wore a blue blazer and turned his head.

Bigg Boss 16: Tina Dutta

Tina Dutta
Tina Dutta, who is a popular face on television with Ostron, will be seen wearing a red saree on stage and she will be seen dancing with her casser. Salman Khan looked quite impressed with him

Bigg Boss 16: Shreejita D

Bigg Boss 16: Shreejita D
Shreejita D, who has been working in the industry for a long time, now made an appearance in a black stunning saree with blueprint. It is claimed that Tina and Shreejita did not like each other very much and they were made satin together on the stage and the cold vibes were extremely visible.

Bigg Boss 16: Ankit Gupta

BB16 Ankit Gupta
Ankit Gupta, who is also a popular face, has made his entry and his shame and peace on stage have made him stand out. Many people are claiming that they have the winner Vibes

Bigg Boss 16: Prakriti Mishra

Archana Gautam has been replaced by Prakrit Mishra by the makers at the show and is present on the stage with other confirmed contestants allegedly.

These Contestants are confirmed officially and more to come the share the big boss 16 stage soon in the show.

What Makes Big Boss 16 So speical with other edtions. 

  • Omung Kumar on designing the Bigg Boss 16 house

  • Salmaan khan chargin big Boss 16.

  • Circus theme with ghost apparance. 



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