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Ratan Rajput reveals about casting couch, 65-year-old producer told me, ‘I am even with my daughter..’!


TV actress Ratan Rajput has always been famous for her impetuosity. During the Corona lockdown, Ratan started his own YouTube channel, on which he keeps sharing things related to his life openly in the form of a vlog. Ratan has made a shocking disclosure on the casting couch happening in Bollywood in one of his recent vlogs. He has told that 14 years ago, a 60-65 year old producer had asked him to sleep together.

Ratan was insulted a lot
Ratan has also told in his vlog that this old producer was so shameless that he told him that if given a chance he would sleep with Ratan Rajput’s daughter too. In his vlog, Ratan said, ‘It has been 14 years today. I had just come to Mumbai then. There was a 60-65 year old man who insulted me a lot. Told me – look at your hair, look at your skin, see how you wear clothes. You have to change your entire look. You need a complete makeover which will cost Rs 2-2.5 lakhs. But why should I spend the money? If you want me to spend money you have to make me your godfather. You have to be my friend.’

‘The man was my father’s age’
Ratan Rajput says that she was very scared to hear all this. She told, ‘I was shocked to hear such things. I told them that you are the same age as my father and how can I be your friend? Yes, I respect you and will do as you say.’ After that the person got angry. He said to Ratan, ‘I will not do anything for you for free, there is only friendship here. If you want to enter the acting world then stop doing all this drama. Be a little wiser.

‘I would sleep with my daughter too’
Ratan further told a more shocking thing. He said, ‘When I told the man that he was my father’s age, he got angry and said – listen, if my daughter also became an actress, I would have slept with her too.’ Ratan said, ‘I was shocked to hear him. How can anyone say such a thing to his daughter? Even today I feel that if I find him, then I should hit his face with a shoe.’

‘Never compromise’
Ratan Raajputh told that after this incident he stopped trying for any film. He said, ‘I was very angry. You tell me how do I call it casting couch. If someone talks like this to me today, I will hit his face with a shoe.’ Ratan also advised those struggling in this vlog that they should never compromise in the industry.


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