The 10 Highest-Paying Federal Government Jobs – Best USA jobs


Life is full of Oppurnuties, Don’t assume working with any best government jobs level turns into a boring bureau rate. USA Governments offers more and turned your life into luxury. the most interesting work out there today with big pay.

Working for uncle sam professional working jobs requiring expertise with big bank account.

List of best 10 Federal jobs, According to the online survey from 

10. Programmer Manager. 

Here come with no 10 where a great programmer manager can earn Average annual pay: $141,595. this is not a dream amount for regular people it’s true.

Programmer Manager working in different levels of government departments.

Maintaining Security levels, multiple projects to accomplish the federal government long-term goals.

Are you looking for these jobs you need a bachelor’s degree and project management experience with good looking communication and leadership according to payscale

9. Astronomy and space scientist

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean annual salary for all professional astronomers and space scientists is $107,190. The united states have 8000 jobs of astronomers and scientists.

Astronomers least have bachelor’s degrees in physics, engineering, math or related science degree.

Government astronomers who worked with NASA earned up to $162,000 a year.

8. Chief engineer

Who are the chief engineers in federal government jobs?

The United States federal government hires chief engineers as engineers who work in a variety of positions throughout the country.

They provide guidance to government agencies, perform engineering duties and duties assigned by their supervisors, and use their knowledge and skills to solve problems.

Average annual pay: $150,803

Chief engineers are second in command after the captain, and they hold bachelor’s degrees in marine engineering, mechanical engineering or electrical engineering.

7. General mathematician/statistician

Statistics and mathematics have always been part of every economic decision of the federal government.

Its plays a very important role in circulating different types of policy and regulation with the help of general statistics.

Average annual pay: $153,214

Every mathematician and statistician required a bachelor’s degree to get a job in govt according to the federal government.

6. Technical systems program manager

Average annual pay: $153,430

  1. These technical experts
  2. work with safety programs for the Federal Aviation Administration.
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  4.  coordinate the work of civil engineers,
  5. environmental specialists,
  6. financial specialists and others

5. Patent administrator

Average annual pay: $161,308

To understand the patent administrator work or in simple words.

“Patent administrators take care of the complex paperwork, processing and filing of patent applications. They also ensure that patent laws are followed, and conduct legal research.”

4. Administrative law judge

Average annual pay: $163,113

Administrative law judges have a very important role in the economy. it handles claims against government programs, such as Medicare, Medicaid or the Social Security Administration.

These are the special judges who must have a license with at least 7 years of experience.

3. Nurse anaesthetist

Average annual pay: $167,818

Nurse anaesthetist plays a very important role in the covid 19 era and also known as CRNAs (short for “certified registered nurse anaesthetists”), are nurses who administer anaesthesia.

CRNAs have master’s degrees focusing on anaesthesia, plus they receive extensive clinical training and must pass a national certification exam.

2. Patent attorney

Average annual pay: $170,079

A patent attorney is a profession that has gained tremendous popularity over the years. With the recent rise in technology, more and more patent applications are being filed. Thus, the demand for patent attorneys is increasing. But before you decide to pursue a career as a patent attorney, here are some things you should know about it.

The highest-paid federal patent attorney made $190,000 in 2017.

1. Securities compliance examiner

Average annual pay: $181,013

As the regulatory landscape changes, our securities compliance examiner must be prepared to help you navigate a world of ever-changing regulations. With new rules and procedures constantly being introduced by various government agencies, our securities compliance examiner will help you prepare for these changes.

Security compliance examiners hold bachelor’s degrees in finance or accounting, must have several years of experience, and maybe certified, public accountants. The government’s highest-paid examiner earned just under $250,000 in 2017.