Conor Mcgregor Slams And Challenges Brock Lesnar, Macgregor Look To Beat Ufc Heavyweight Champion - Newsindiaworld

Two Division Former Ufc Champion Conor Mcgregor Is Always In The Talks

In These Days, Conor Mcgregor Is Preparing To Return To The Ufc

The Bulked Up Frame Picture Of Conor Mcgregor Has Recently Been Shared On Social Media

People Are Calling Conor Mcgregor A Lightweight Brock Because Of This Picture

Fans Are Comparing Conor And Brock After Seeing The Pictures

It Looks Like Conor Mcgregor Is Going To Fight In The Ufc Returnall Category

However Former Lightweight Champion Conor Mcgregor Has Revealed His Title

The Fight Between Floyd Mayweather And Conor Mcgregor Was Worth 15 Billion Dollars