Dahmer Victim’S Mom Speaks Out Against Netflix Series – New York Post

The Dahmer Victim'S Mom Spoke Out Against The Show

The Mother Of One Of Jeffrey Dahmer'S Victims Is Speaking Out Against The Series "Dahmer - Monster The Jeffrey Dahmer Story"The Mother Of Jeffrey Dahmer'S Victim Said That She Hadn'T Seen The Entire Series, But That It Didn'T Happen Like That

I Don'T See How They Can Use Our Names Like That

When Tony Was 31, Dahmer Drugged Him And Dismembered His Body After Picking Him Up At A Gay Bar

I Thought I Would Lose My Mind When It First Happened

In The Series Created By Ryan Murphy, Evan Peters Is Seen Donating Money To The Search Effort For Tony Rodney Burford While Behind Closed Doors Cooking And Eating His Shirley

After Investigators Discovered His Skull In Dahmer'S Apartment, Shirley Hughes Didn'T Speak Much About Tony Publicly, According To The Guardian She Was In Bible Class With At The Time Of His Murder

During Dahmer'S Trial In 1992, Shirley Won A Civil Court Judgment That Awarded Her More Than 10 Million Dollars

According To Deseret News, The Lawsuit Sought Any Money That Would Have Been Made On Movie Television Or Publication Rights To The Serial Killer'S Story

In The Event Of A Nuke Launch, The Ukrainians Plan Apocalyptic Orgy

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