SGary Cohen pokes fun at Phillies fan pleading with girlfriend during Mets game

This past weekend was a tough one for Phillies fans everywhere, as their series loss to the Mets featured a blown six-run ninth inning lead on Thursday.

Announcer Gary Cohen had a great time rubbing the Mets’ success in the faces of the Philadelphia faithful. During his broadcast for SNY Sunday night, which ended in a 6-1 Mets win, Cohen added some commentary on a hilarious video of two Phillies fans sitting together at the game.

Fans chimed in online, giving their own added commentary on the apparent fight going on between the Phillies fans. Many pointed how hilarious it was that SNY kept the camera lingering on the couple for such an extended length of time.

Mets fan on Twitter“That Gary Cohen play by play of the Phillies fan couple was hilarious.”

DraftKings on twitter“What did he do? wrong answers only.”

Fan replying to DraftKings on twitter“She went through his likes on Instagram.”

After the Phillies carried the lead for the first eight innings 7-1, the game turned into a massive heartbreaker for Philadelphia fans when the Mets rallied back with seven runs during the ninth inning to clinch the win 8-7.

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