Small Business Ideas: Rs 17,000 machine will earn Rs 30,000 a month


If you want to start a business Low investment high profit business ideas In the category of, today we have brought a wonderful business idea for you. If you are also planning to start a business and you have less money, then we will tell you a similar business idea, starting with less money, you will be able to earn a lot, stay on the article for complete information, let’s know. –

3D printer business idea

Today’s world has changed very fast, in such a situation, 3D printing machines are used nowadays in the field of printing. Through this, you can create and prepare any designing. The business of 3D printing has been in great demand lately. It is being used by many businesses. You can start your business by buying 3D printer. Good structures are made by 3D printers.

How much investment to start 3D printer business Idea

Now the question will come in your mind that how much investment will have to be made to start this business, then let us tell you that the price of this machine is ₹ 16999 on Amazon today, so we can say that starting this type of business For this you have to invest ₹ 17000.

Know what is its specialty

You will get the printer with a magnetic platform, through which you can produce the best quality products at a very low cost, apart from this, here you will be given the option of high quality power supply so that there is no heating problem, it is very portable and easy to use. You can set it anywhere you want.

how much will be the earning

How much will be earning depends on how much printing you are doing each day, according to your earning. You can easily earn ₹500 to ₹1000 in 1 day.


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